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Kindergarten Courses

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Phonics is the fundamental cornerstone of children learning English. It is essential in helping children to learn how to spell words. It is almost impossible for them to spell any word correctly if they are unable to recognise the sounds of the letters used in forming the words. When a child learns the fundamental skills of phonics, he will be able to recognize sounds in words and will be able to spell them correctly. 


Research shows that Primary 1 students usually have difficulties adapting to the new environment and the primary school English programme in school.

The Primary 1 English Preparation Course aims at cementing students’ English fundamentals and equipping them with the necessary skill-sets and familiarity of the P1 English curriculum. The programme will focus on developing five major skills-sets to best achieve fluency in English - Grammar, Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.


The programme aims to create a platform where children can learn and develop their English writing skills enthusiastically. This programme will enhance children’s writing skills by building their confidence, gaining motivation and arousing their imagination.

At the end of the course, a custom-made coloured story booklet will be awarded to each student with  audio and video uploaded. 

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