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The Grace Tutors' Pre-service Teacher Mentorship Programme (PTM)

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Since teacher education in Hong Kong revolves mostly around theories with relatively less emphasis on practice, fresh graduate teachers are often challenged by practical issues, such as administrative tasks and communication with parents. As a result, pre-service teachers often find themselves in a difficult situation, where they struggle to develop the skills necessary for these tasks in their first year of teaching.

Against this background, the Grace Tutors’ Pre-service Teacher Mentorship Program (PTM) aspires to provide comprehensive training to pre-service teachers with a view to prepare the participants into well rounded teachers. As a form of shadow education, the project aims at addressing the aforementioned issues in the current education system by the sustainable measures.

PTM offers holistic learning, experimental and networking opportunities under the guidance of experienced and established educators or leaders across different professions. Participants will be able to work with students of different backgrounds and levels, in order to gain a wider perspective on the education system in Hong Kong.

The program provides a comprehensive experience, where the participants are to design, coordinate, teach and evaluation courses at different levels. Throughout the process, the participants will gain knowledge on areas including 1) curriculum planning, 2) classroom teaching, 3) course coordination and administration and 4) communication and collaboration with parents. 

"Grace Tutors has substantially developed my professional competency both as a teacher and as a curriculum developer by providing me with a systematic and holistic set of training. I have joined Grace Tutors in my last year of teacher education and today, I can proudly say Grace Tutors have filled many gaps in the traditional teacher education in Hong Kong, and at the same time it has effectively addressed various education needs amongst students at different levels in Hong Kong. Grace Tutors completes my teacher training."              

                                                  - by Mr. Will Chan (Grace Tutor 2017 - Now)

Education is always dynamic and constantly changing. To empower our alumni to address the ever-evolving needs amongst the Hong Kong education, Grace Tutors is gladly to present our Alumni network with the visions below:-

1.   promote professional development and networking in a mutual and dynamic manner 

2.   establish and maintain close linkages amongst the alumni and with Grace Tutors 

3.   encourage alumni to contribute to the community as an educator and/or citizen 

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