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Alumni Networking

Our Vision

Education is always dynamic and constantly changing. To empower our alumni to address the ever-evolving needs amongst the Hong Kong education, Grace Tutors is gladly to present our Alumni network with the visions below:

1.   promote professional development and networking in a mutual and dynamic manner 

2.   establish and maintain close linkages amongst the alumni and with Grace Tutors 

3.   encourage alumni to contribute to the community as an educator and/or citizen  

Alumli Networking Outline.png
The Importance of the Scheme

The importance of the scheme is twofold. For one, alumni can be provided with a set of holistic professional development ranging from talks and seminars to social gatherings with established leaders in the education field or from various professions. Education is constantly changing on regional, national and international level. Teachers, curriculum developers and education administrators can make a more precise decision as they are better-informed. Against this background, the alumni network scheme serves as a dynamic platform for idea exchanges and open discussions in order to enhance the overall professional competency. 


The scheme also serves as a charitable mean to develop a self-regulated and continuous network to identify, address and contribute to the education needs in Hong Kong.

Components of the Scheme

To attain our visions, the facilitation of the scheme can be categorised into three components, including 


1.   Professional seminars, talks and gatherings 


Education is always changing and thus teachers’ professional development is a continuous process. At different times, there are distinguishable education needs to be addressed. Grace Tutors’ Alumni Scheme can comprehensively prepare in-service and pre-service teachers to surmount these upcoming challenges by keeping abreast with the latest education trend in the Hong Kong and international context. 


Linkage is one of the most upheld core values of Grace Tutors. Through the network’s gathering, the alumni can also stay connected with established leaders and other alumni from the education field and various sectors, such as public governance and the academia



2.   Constant participation in Grace Tutors’ education work


It is always Grace Tutors’ aspiration to address the education needs in Hong Kong by various means. It is encouraged that our alumni can altruistically contribute to the community as a responsible teacher and/or citizen, and Grace Tutors is always welcome and open to their innovative ideas and skillsets. 




3.   Leisure activities 

To build tighter bonds amongst the alumni, leisure activities of different natures are to be promoted in order to facilitate a solid platform for alumni to socialize and exchange ideas. 


Continuity of the Scheme

The scheme is a continuous and constant process to recruit members and nurture them to become established educators, administers, academics or any practitioners in the education field in order to empower them to contribute to the well-being of the students and education in Hong Kong. 


It is hoped that alumni network scheme can become a form of inheritance and legacy that is passed on from generation to generation for the benefits of our community.

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