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Our Courses


To address the issue of spoon-feeding education in Hong Kong, the courses, all of which last for a semester, Grace Tutors proposes to organize has several emphasises, which are subtly different from mainstream private shadow education in Hong Kong. 


For one, courses in Grace Tutors value communication and dialogue between teachers and students. In contrast with conventional Hong Kong schools and private tuition centres, where teaching is disposing and one-way, the curriculum and pedagogy in Grace Tutors will be jointly designed and adapted by both teachers and students through equal communication. 

In addition to our emphasis on communication with the students, Grace Tutors also endeavors to align our curriculum and pedagogy with students’ own interests and abilities. Ideally, this provides students with higher motivation to learn – in other words, when engagement is at a high level – they perform better academically and gain a higher sense of self-esteem. We need to provide our students with activities that are innovative and challenging as well as purposeful if we want them to be engaged in learning. 


Throughout the process, students are also encouraged to manage their own learning and to develop their own learning skills. When students can set their own goals for assignments and the work to achieve those goals, their work takes on a serious and meaningful purpose. It helps students stay on the right track by providing opportunities for frequent self-checks and plenty of other formative assessments to that they can monitor their own progress. Students are more aware of how well they are doing and it’s easier for them to stay engaged in a learning activity. 


All courses shall be organized at semester base (i.e. 3 months).  This will allow the teachers to have opportunities to observe and assess the class as a whole and the students as individuals. Learning is further enhanced when teachers and students are interreacting spontaneously in the classroom. 

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