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Through Education, we foster a bright future together

Be our Grace tutor

We NEED Passionate Tutors like YOU

  • If you are or have been an educator and wish to help the under-privileged students

  • If you are passionate about teaching and you want to gain diverse practical experience

  • If you want to join our mentorship programme and be supervised by our experienced mentors

  • If you are experienced/willing to work with physically disadvantaged youths, and want to support our mission and cause

be our school

Through education, we change lives

We provide free educational services to all students who need support, regardless of their background or physical condition. We believe everyone should be given equal opportunities in education. 



All principals/supervisors of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools, supervisors of community centres and students who need educational support, please contact us and discuss arrangements for free tutoring and mentorship services for your students in need

be our corPorate

Through sponsoring, you change lives

We welcome corporate partners to join our experienced and dynamic group nurturing the next generational students, tutors and leaders. 


Please contact us if you are willing to provide any of the following:

  1. Financial Support

  2. Life Experience Support for the students 

  e.g. company visit, industry sharing and participating in our events

  3.  Professional Development

  e.g. joining our mentorship programme, professional training and internship programme

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