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Chairman's message

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        It has been 10 years since our Grace Tutors Charitable Mission was first launched. 2010 saw the formal constitution of our Charitable Organization under the name of Grace Tutors Association Limited.  We had a humble start with a number of like-minded persons mostly fellow classmates in the 1960's.  Our common noble objective then was to provide complementary educational services to students in need particularly when parents cannot afford the time and finance to assist their children in their mainstream education. Our service area was mainly less affluent areas of Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. The students being served were a few classes of secondary students in only a very selected subjects


        Now 10 years have past and we are still holding this same charitable mission.  But we have since then much diversified our service types and service areas to more schools, a wider variety of subjects to more students in need in various ways.  And these include providing free teaching Science and Mathematics to visually impaired students, Chinese to Ethnic Minority Students and 1 to 1 parent-child Phonics Classes.  And our stakeholders include apart from Parents, Teachers, School Principals, School Supervisors, Social Workers and University Academics. 


        Our Tutors have gradually evolved from mainly retirees including many of our Directors ( myself included ) reaching out to Schools as far as the New Territories to now when we have recruited mostly university undergraduates and aspiring new teachers to provide high quality teaching.  Our Mission is to not just provide service for dealing with homework but rather to provide a high quality curriculum which is well-designed in collaboration with Education Faculties of local Universities like the University of Hong Kong, the Education University of Hong Kong and the Baptist University of Hong Kong.  Quite a number of our young Grace Tutors have now become qualified teachers starting a very prominent teaching career and still connected with us for professional networking and sharing.  


        Our establishment of the Wanchai Centre make it possible for us to form a very close network with Kindergartens, Primary and Secondary Schools not only in Wanchai but the whole of Hong Kong Island.  Together with our School-based and Church or Community-Based Centres, we have now developed more comprehensive education services which can benefit more areas in Hong Kong.  With more intimate collaboration with academics in the Universities we have been able to develop more cutting-edge Programmes like the STEAM Programmes together with both English and Chinese Reading Comprehension Programmes for Primary Schools.  Some of our early beneficiary students have now excelled very well and one of them has even graduated from the University, acquired professional status in Accountancy and has now become one of our Directors.  We are very pleased to note that quite a number of students that had benefited from our teaching have in fact entered Universities and within a few years time can join our group of Grace Tutors thus perpetuating our Grace Tutors Spirit.  


        Look forward we envisage and broader and more structured development of our Charitable Mission. Seeking of funding and manpower support from various fields will be our prime objective.  As we celebrate our 10th Anniversary next year ( 2020 ) we look forward to a better education service provided by our Grace Tutors and a brighter future for our younger generations. 





Mr. Tse Sik Yan

Chairman of Grace Tutors Association Ltd

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