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A platform providing equal opportunities of learning to optimize each child’s potential and professional development amongst teachers to achieve better teaching and learning collaboratively


Grace Tutors Association Limited (“Grace Tutors”) is a non-profit making charitable organization providing free tutoring services to students in need, allowing them to overcome learning difficulties.

Through our educational services, Grace Tutors seek to foster a brighter future for underprivileged students by enhancing their learning abilities and improving their personal development.

Through education, we foster a brighter future.

Through knowledge, we change lives.

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Grace Tutors

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Partner Schools and Community Centres

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Accumulated Student-hours


Why We're Great >

For Students

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Emphasis on critical thinking, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. We adopt a dynamic approach which students are prompted to actively engage in learning in a dialogical manner.

Why We're Great >

For Teachers

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Holistic system of training to pre-service teachers: curriculum design, education administration, classroom teaching, mentorship and professional sharing.

Why We're Great >

We stay well-connected with external partners: universities, business corporations and schools with various backgrounds.  We stays abreast of the latest trend and needs in the Hong Kong education.

For External Partners

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Kindergarten Programme

Inspiration, Motivation, Aspiration

Words from our stakeholders

" Our common noble objective then was to provide complementary educational services to students in need particularly when parents cannot afford the time and finance to assist their children in their mainstream education. " 


 Tse Sik Yan

(Chairman of Grace Tutors)

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