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Little Author (Kindergarten)

Little Author (Kindergarten K3)

Little Author (Kindergarten K3)


The programme aims to create a platform where children can learn and develop their English writing skills enthusiastically. This programme will enhance children’s writing skills by building their confidence, gaining motivation and arousing their imagination.


Moreover, it will develop their language skills such as oral communication skills and reading skills as it focuses on brainstorming ideas and sharing of thoughts. There are a few other educational benefits such as enhancement of fine motor skills, hand movement skills, cognitive development, self-initiative and memorizing techniques.


Confidence is the most important factor in learning English. When a child loses confidence in English, they will lose motivation in learning. By building confidence of children learning English, motivation is the most important ingredient. 


The course will comprise of three parts: (a) learn how to write and design their own storybook, (b) write, draw and record their own story books and (3) make their own storybook with audio and video. At the end of the course, a custom-made coloured booklet will be given to each student and a link of the video will be uploaded to the youtube channel.

Partner Schools

-       The Church of Christ in China Wan Chai Church Kindergarten

-       St Francis' Canossian School

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