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English Phonics




Phonics is the fundamental cornerstone of children learning English. It is essential in helping children to learn how to spell words. It is almost impossible for them to spell any word correctly if they are unable to recognise the sounds of the letters used in forming the words. When a child learns the fundamental skills of phonics, he will be able to recognize sounds in words and will be able to spell them correctly. 

Many primary school students have difficulties in reading because they are unable to recognise the sounds of the letters of the alphabet in the words they read. Phonics will help children to recognise and associate sounds of the letters of the alphabet in the word they read. This will help them to improve in their reading skills and efficiency. In other words, it will be difficult for a child to improve in his reading skills if the teaching of phonics is removed from their curriculum.


Phonics also help raising a child's fluency in reading. Fluency in this context is not limited to reading fast, it also means reading text accurately. When a child is taught phonics properly, the child will find reading easy. The child will not only read accurately but also quickly. Read quickly and correctly is another benefits of phonics.


Phonics is also necessary for the improvement of the children's reading comprehension skills. It is impossible for somebody to understand a word that is not properly pronounced. When a child learns how to pronounce a word properly, he will be able to comprehend what he reads. Reading comprehension is another benefit that can be derived from phonics. Phonics will also help a child in acquiring more vocabulary on daily basis. When a child can pronounce a word correctly, he will be able to understand the word better.

Types of Class
Family based Phonics
Group Phonics
Partner Schools

-       The Church of Christ in China Wan Chai Church Kindergarten

-       Oi Kwan Road Baptist Church Lui Kwok Pat Fong Kindergarten

-       Sheng Kung Hui St Christopher’s Nursery

-       St James Settlement Causeway Bay Kindergarten

-       St James Settlement Kathleen Mcdouall Kindergarten

-       The Boys’ & Girls’ Clubs Association of Hong Kong Cheerland Kindergarten

-       Hong Kong Ling Liang Church Kindergarten

-       Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired

-       Sheng Kung Hui Holy Carpenter Primary School

-       Sheng Kung Hui Holy Carpenter Secondary School

-       Po Leung Kuk Madam Chan Wai Chow Memorial School

-       Kowloon City (Kai Ching) Youth Centre

-       Ma On Shan (South) Youth Centre

-       Ma On Shan Yiu On Estate

-       Sun Tin Wai Youth Centre

-       Sun Chui Youth Centre

-       Jordan Road Government Primary School

-       Chi Fu Chi Nam Primary School

-       The Vineyard

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