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Grace Tutors - St. Francis' Canossian School STEAM Programme


St Francis' Canossian School STEAM Programme (P3-P4)

The programme is co-organized by Grace Tutors Association Ltd., HKU and St. Francis’ Canossian School. On the HKU side, it is part of an experiential learning course (BBED6747 – Developing the competence in STEM education) of Faculty of Education. The programme aimed to achieve the following objectives:

。  Developing primary students’ knowledge, skills and attitudes towards STEAM,

as well as their 21st century skills

。  Fostering the collaboration between School, University and Community Partner

。  Facilitating the HKU student teachers to be competent teachers of STEAM

A total of sixteen P3 and P4 students joined this programme that was held from March – April 2019. The timeline of preparation and workshops are as follow:

Workshops The themes of the workshops were planned according to the primary General Studies curriculum on science, e.g. electricity (see the following table). They are closely related to our daily life problems and the participants had to develop solutions.

Date: 9/3/2019

Theme 1: Parachute

Session designer/instructor: Ms. Tiffany Chan


Date: 16/3/2019

Theme 2: Sound insulation devices

Session designer/instructor: Mr. Ian Chan


Date: 23/3/2019

Theme 3: Protecting window against strong wind

Session designer/instructor: Mr. Kurtis Chan


Date: 30/3/2019

Theme 4: Water level alarm in a car park

Session designer/instructor: Mr. Elsin Shum


Date: 6/4/2019

Theme 5: Electrical conductivity of pencil lead

Session designer/instructor: Dr. Valerie Yip


Date: 13/4/2019

Theme 6: Electromagnet

Session designer/instructor: Mr. Ray Fung 


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