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Homework Guidance


Most students groan when they hear their teachers assigning homework. Some educators even agree that homework is not recommended to be given to the students. They say that students will be saturated with school work and has to be given time for fun and recreation. Other educators disagree with this and say the time spent at school is not enough so homework has to be given. 

Studies have shown that homework is important for students because it can create good study habits and positive attitude towards learning as they grow older. However, excessive homework produces unhealthy levels of stress, sleep deprivation and related health problems as well as reduced social engagement.

A survey has revealed that more than half of the students in Hong Kong get seven or more homework assignments a day. And over 80 percent of primary school students spend more than two hours on their homework. Another study also shows that primary school students seem to face a heavier workload than their secondary school counterparts, and more than two-third takes tutorial classes after school. On average, a primary school student has to spend an average of 2.38 hours every day on schoolwork at home, compared to 2.22 hours for Form 4 or 5 students. Majority of students face mounting pressure from homework and assessments, leaving them with no time to rest and play. Nowadays, Hong Kong education puts too much focus on competition and the schools are worried about their banding, as a result they will request their students to do more. Moreover, parents believe that continued drilling is the only way to improve their children examination results. Ideally, homework should be designed to cultivate learning and development. However, excessive homework discourages learning and instead promotes doing homework simply to get points.


Our homework guidance programme aims at improving students’ efficiency and motivation in doing homework. We teach students how to create a homework and study plan. Students should also learn how to create an effective homework schedule, so their extracurricular and rest time won’t be deprived. We emphasize on tackling the hardest assignments first. We know that it’s tempting to start with the easy stuff to get it out of the way. But students generally have the most energy and focus when they begin. They should use this mental power on the subjects that are the most challenging. Later, when they are more tired, they can focus on the simpler things.

Partner Schools

-       Jordan Road Government Primary School

-       Hennessy Road Government Primary School

-       St James’ Settlement Primary School

-       Sir Ellis Kadoorie Primary School

-       TWGHs Li Chi Ho Primary School

-       Kowloon City Community

-       Kai Ching Youth Centre

-       SKH Carpenter’s Secondary School

-       Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired

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